Seek Lesbian Sugar Mama Arrangement

It is a well-known fact that lesbians are better players than straight sugar babies, and becoming a sugar baby for a lesbian sugar momma can be really rewarding. However, just like every good thing in life, you have to be willing to give it to get.

So, be ready to bring your A game that would set you apart from other Sugar Babies and make you attractive to the nouvelle Sugar Mama cliché.

How to meet a Lesbian Sugar Mama?

Since the quest for Lesbian Sugar Mamas is not as crazy as that for a straight sugar mommie, you gain an immediate advantage as most times it is the other way round whereby Lesbian Sugar Momma’s seek Sugar Babies.

The best spots to meet lesbian sugar mommas are in rich areas such as Bay Areas, high-end jewellery stores, casinos, and Lesbian/Gay bars, restaurants and clubs. Gatherings of the LGBTQ community is also a nice avenue to meet potential Lesbian Sugar Mommas.

As they say when you want something you have to persevere because you may not get immediate results. However, frequenting these spots mentioned above would significantly increase your odds of meeting a potential Lesbian Sugar Momma.

Additionally, you might want to pay extra for VIP sections of Gay and Lesbian clubs. This high risk, high reward strategy works as it is expected that rich Sugar Moms would be congregated in that section, away from the regular folks.

Attracting the right Sugar Momma

Lesbian Sugar Mommies, like their straight counterparts, are usually attracted to youthful looks. However, you have to ensure you blend your youthful girly look with a nice sense of dressing.

Dress cool and attractive as this gives a sense of orderliness. Women tend to expect better dressing habits from their counterparts than the opposite gender. This could be achieved by wearing a nice loose outfit and keeping a tidy hairstyle which displays your youthfulness in an attractive way. Lesbian Sugar Mommas can be hard to please due to their high sense of feminism, so it is crucial that you look good. In so doing, you will be reminding her of her youth, and this will more than increase your chances of success.

How to control Conversations with Sugar Mommas

Display a bit of youthful exuberance when talking to her. This helps to diffuse any initial reservations she may have about Sugar Babies. Demonstrate other aspects of your life and talk about topics that bring back her youthful memories. It could be about your first lesbian date, or any moment that can resonate with the occasion. Remember that she wants to feel wanted and young, so tease her and display the characteristics that she longs for. Reinforce your point of attraction and desire for her in a cool and sensitive way. Sugar Mommas love to be in control of the flow of conversations, ensure that you are able to flow with her tone without giving her the idea that you are just another Annie looking to make money from her.

How to maintain a sugar-dating relationship?

Now that you have gotten a Sugar Momma, it is essential to keep her happy and cozy whenever she is around you. To do this well, always understand the arrangement setting between you and her and don’t start with talks about a long-term, permanent relationship. This turns off many Sugar Mommas and leads to the end of most relationships.

Always maintain your youthful girly looks as this is your main ticket to her heart. The more she talks about your looks, the easier it is to seal the relationship, so don’t go looking like someone older, but spend good money on yourself to maintain your looks. Also, try to reinvent the relationship by suggesting cool spots for romantic outings, such as a countryside trip for the weekend or a little cozy night at the beach.